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Protective Industrial Products
Custom Logos Outline

As a Graphic Designer working and communicating with multiple different departments on a daily basis, I noticed process and communication inefficiencies were preventing a higher rate of productivity with reduced errors.


I analyzed what takes the most time, and what could be done to streamline the process. During my assessment, I found that communication, product research, and fixing errors were taking up the largest parts of my day.

I deduced that having a one-stop location for designers to reference would save time, so I designed an outline.


I initially targeted the time spent communicating and doing product research by dedicating pages to product overviews and imprinting processes, reference spreadsheets for critical product imprinting information, and links to resources on the company website.

I targeted the time spent fixing errors by creating a template system based on our most requested products for proofing and flyers that allowed for fewer changes to be made to the documents, which allowed them to be sent to the customer more quickly and with fewer proof errors.

PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_08.jpg
PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_02.jpg

Improving upon the existing business processes resulted in an optimized process that reduced error, allowed for faster return times on proofs and flyers, and got multiple departments on the same page about critical and constantly adapting processes and changing products.

Product Overview

PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_13.jpg
PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_12.jpg
PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_10.jpg
PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_14.jpg

Processes, References, and Resources

PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_07.jpg
PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_03.jpg
PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_04.jpg
PIP LOGOS OUTLINE - 060152022_Page_06.jpg
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