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Behind the scenes

I'm Kayden! I'm a coffee-fueled and dad-joke-filled creative. I'm a fan of spreadsheets, climbing the occasional mountain, iced coffee (year round!), anything wood-related, and don't even get me STARTED on sushi.

I graduated from the nationally accredited Graphic Design program at the College of Saint Rose with a BFA. Throughout my career as a Graphic Designer, I worked in an agency, a newsroom, and on marketing teams for global companies, which gives me a strong sense of designing for a wide variety of industries.


Throughout my career as a craftsman, I have worked in flooring production, construction, a cabinet shop, and a countertop/table production shop. These experiences give me the skills and problem-solving capabilities that allow me to bring your vision to life with tangible materials.

My wide breadth of experience has given me the foundation to methodically apply what I have learned to my design, woodworking, and signmaking processes. Attention to detail, problem-solving, and considering what the product will be subject to and how people will interact with the final product are a few things I take into account when choosing materials, finishes, and designing the project.

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