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Sex, gender, and sexuality are typically treated as black and white. In reality, these are simply points on a spectrum that make up each unique individual—similar to the way a printer produces unique colors using only cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.




At the time I wrote this, most literature I had read on these topics was dense and tended to focus on narratives about trans people and transitioning that were written from a cisgender person's point of view, rather than another trans person writing about and sharing their experiences.


Can I Just Call You It is designed to be a fun, light, and digestible book intended to highlight how society has systemic roadblocks in place preventing Trans folks from living a life with the same dignity and access as cisgender folks, touching on topics like gender, pronouns, health coverage, and identification.


The book was designed with a companion poster inspired by the original, uncopyrighted illustration & project by Sam Killerman.

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